rabies vaccination

Rabies: A Preventable Nightmare

Rabies sometimes seems like a thing of the past; something that only once plagued our animal companions in the days of old. Humans have known about the rabies virus since about 2000 B.C. and it has been recorded throughout history in laws, reports, and journals. Once rampant, rabies has become more controlled thanks to the rabies vaccination discovered in 1885. Through public education programs and vaccination laws, rabies is now much rarer than in the days of Old Yeller. However, because it is so much more uncommon in the US, pet owners have started to question the need for rabies vaccinations for their pets. The truth is rabies could be lurking in your backyard and can even make its way into your home. Consistent and regular vaccination is absolutely still relevant for keeping rabies cases low and keeping your pet protected!

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