Yellow Ribbon Dog

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"I need space."

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What exactly is a Yellow Ribbon Dog?

We all know how incredible dogs are. As dog owners, when we’re out in public it’s tempting to want to give out free ear scratches, shout “Who’s a good dog?” and make friends with every tail-wagger we see. However, it’s important to understand that not every dog wants attention. When approached by unfamiliar people or pets, some dogs get anxious and aren’t sure how to behave. It could be a temporary issue, such as a medication or recovery from surgery. It might be more of a long term situation. 

For those of us with dogs that need a little extra space, the usual dog duties can be stressful. Taking your dog for a walk or just outside to potty can cause anxiety for both the pet and the owner, especially if there are other people or dogs around who want to interact with you and your pet.

The mission of the Yellow Ribbon Dog campaign is to increase awareness for dogs who need a little extra space and to enable dog-owners to communicate this need effectively. Dog owners can signal their pet needs some extra space by tying a yellow ribbon around their collar or leash. A yellow ribbon – or bandana, leash, sweater, or cape – is a signal to other dog owners to please give you a little extra room. It’s a way to say: “I don’t mean to be rude, but I’m just not feeling it today.”

need a yellow ribbon for your special pup?

Many Reasons for a Yellow Ribbon

I get nervous easily

I'm sick & don't feel well

I'm still in training

I Get Too Excited - No Background

I get too excited

I just had surgery

I don't see or hear well

I'm On Medication

I'm shy


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Get Your Own Yellow Ribbon

You're going to love our official Yellow Ribbon Dog "I Need Space" Leash Wraps. Built to fit nearly any size leash, these bright yellow wraps are durable, washable, easy-to-use, and effectively get your message across. Each wrap is handmade by a small business in the USA.

What If You Have a Yellow Ribbon Dog?

If you own a dog that needs extra space, tie a yellow ribbon to their leash. Use ribbon from a craft shop or get an official Yellow Ribbon “I Need Space” leash wrap from MNAHF.org or SidewalkDog.com.

  1. Purchase a Leash Wrap and use it with your pup to alert others that your dog needs their space.
  2.  Talk to your vet! Your pet’s doctor can recommend training, activities, or medication to address the root of your dog’s issue and help them succeed. If you don’t have a veterinarian yet, find one registered with the MN Veterinary Medical Association.
  3. Share the news. People are going to notice your furball’s yellow ribbon and be curious. A quick mention of YellowRibbonDog.com can send them to the right place to learn more if you can’t stop to chat.
  4. Be social. If you’re posting pictures of your pup with their yellow ribbon online, be sure to use #YellowRibbonDog and #SomeDogsNeedSpace.

The Yellow Ribbon Code of Conduct

A yellow ribbon can be a helpful tool to communicate your dog’s needs. A Yellow Ribbon is NOT, however, an excuse to be careless with untrained or aggressive dogs. It is not an excuse to ditch your responsibility as a pet parent or play fast and loose with your dog and people’s safety. The Yellow Ribbon is an extension of being a responsible pet parent, not an excuse to be irresponsible with your dog. Be a good ambassador for Yellow Ribbon Dogs and:

  1. Don’t substitute a yellow ribbon for training your dog.
  2. Know your dog. Don’t use their yellow ribbon as an excuse to take them somewhere they are unlikely to succeed.
  3. Respect the space of other dogs and owners.
  4.  Understand that you are responsible for your dog and their actions, yellow ribbon or not.

what can you do?

It’s simple. If you see a dog wearing a yellow ribbon – or yellow leash, vest, etc. – just give them extra space. If you have kids with you, be sure they do the same. If you have your own dog with you, keep it close to you and don’t let it interact with the Yellow Ribbon Dog. Be friendly by respecting their bubble. Sometimes the kindest thing you can do is to let someone be.

Spread the word

If you’re a Yellow Ribbon Dog owner and would like to make sure that more people know about it, click below to share this page and help get the word out.


Talk to your Vet

Vets can help with more than just a dog's physical health - they can address behavioral issues, too! Doctors can recommend medication or supplements to ease your pet's anxiety. They may also be able to recommend a trusted trainer to help your pooch.

Donate To Support The Campaign

You can make a tax deductible donation to the MN Animal Health Foundation which will be used to distribute yellow ribbons to dogs who need them.

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The MN Animal Health Foundation will send you an email alert to let you know when the official Yellow Ribbon Dog “I Need Space” Leash Wraps are available for sale.